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About Us

Our Story

About Our Brand

A little history:

Do you remember some time ago, OK ages ago, when Virgin was a new and young company many? Some people, perhaps even most people thought that the name Virgin was a bit saucy, risky, and daring. Well times have moved on, and now that brand gets the respect it commands and fully deserves. With a bit of lateral thinking when trying to think of an interesting and thought provoking name 4PLAY became the obvious choice for this, the brand that we hope you will enjoy, follow, and fully appreciate as the new kid on the block evolves!

Now and the future:

We are currently offering you our excellent standard golf balls which are limited to just 325 boxes of 3 balls. Our Premium Distance Balls, both at an excellent and competitive price also offer excellent range and feel. We’re sure you’ll agree they will give both excellent range and feel. We will be adding more to the quickly evolving 4PLAY™ range in the near future.